Changing the way consumers manage their energy bills

Navetas is a powerful force in energy management, with an enviable reputation for helping utilities, companies and individuals find innovative new ways to reduce and manage energy consumption.

Navetas helps empower individuals and companies to make better energy choices. Our technology can help utilities, service providers and organisations offer a better customer experience, improve energy management awareness and meet the complex challenges of the changing energy landscape.

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Loop - Keeping consumers in the loop


Loop is a great new service being launched by Navetas for users to understand how they use electricity in the home. Loop makes energy usage understandable.

Smart Gas Index

Navetas Smart Gas Index

The Navetas Smart Gas Index is a low cost solution for accessing the consumption readings from the gas meter regularly and safely.

Flicker Monitor

Navetas Flicker monitor

The Navetas Flicker meter aids the management, monitoring of performance and quality of energy delivery.

Appliance Game

Navetas Appliance Game

Have a go on our energy consumption game - you might be surprised at which appliances consume the most electricity!