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Energy management proves its value for Irish businesses

Wednesday 9th May 2012

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) released figures at the end of last week demonstrating that a drive to improve energy management by businesses in Ireland has seen them save €150 million in energy costs.

These savings have been driven by the rapid adoption of the International Energy Management Standard ISO 50001 in June 2011. More than 190 Irish organisations have been certified, and the energy management policies pursued by the organisations as a result of the certification have driven the cost savings.

These figures make for interesting reading as the policies and practices adopted by the Irish organisations could influence energy management plans around the world. Indeed, SEAI head of strategy and innovation Brian Motherway, said: "If we consider that energy management systems have the potential to account for 60% of the entire global energy use, their significance cannot be underestimated."

That 60% statistic is most enlightening - showing the huge influence that energy efficiency and energy management schemes could have. The news from Ireland comes at an opportune moment as energy efficiency appears to be moving up the political agenda around the world.

Indeed, just last week a new organisation was launched to help UK businesses make the most of the energy efficiency proposals in the Green Deal. In many ways businesses stand to gain even more from adopting energy efficiency policies than domestic users - particularly for large organisations that can generate quite staggeringly large energy bills.

And this is the crucial point - for energy users, suppliers and governments - energy efficiency and energy management schemes aren’t just for show, nor are they a side issue. They aren’t just about smart meters and smart grid either. And they certainly shouldn’t be pursued for the sake of it.

The right policies, practices and new products and services being developed by technology vendors, like Navetas, aren’t just about lowering energy use, but delivering genuine benefits for businesses. The figures from Ireland show just how significant they can be.


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